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Why Do Photographers Need Websites?

Why Do Photographers Need Websites?

Let’s imagine that you already have some sort of a career as a photographer. You do a couple of professional portraits a month, cover a few weddings and celebrations – nothing special. You’re doing ok, but you know you could do better. You have the time and capacity to cover more clients, but you don’t know where to find them. Your business circle just isn’t big enough.

Creating a website could help you with this problem. All you gotta do is showcase your best work on it, write a killer copy, set clear goals and objectives, display your contact information, make it easy for people to get in touch with you, do some SEO and a bit of marketing and advertising.

1. Help them Promote Their Work

If you upload your photos on iStock, having your own website can significantly improve your sales. There’s an insane number of photographers who sell their work on this platform. The competition is insane. If you want to get ahead, if you want to get more people to notice your work in this endless sea of images, you need all the help that you can get. 

Let’s, for an example, say that you’re a photographer who enjoys capturing sunsets all over the world. It’s your thing, you like, and you’re good at it. Naturally, you’re not the only one. In fact, there are ton of people out there who do the same thing that you do. Apropos to that, there are tons of sunset photos on iStock. The chances, your work won’t find its way into the hand of your potential client.

But let’s say you uploaded them on your website as well. You created a blog post, titled: “I Spent a Year Photographing The Most Beautiful Sunsets All Over The World” and it goes viral. Thanks to the large amounts of traffic you got to your website, Google will rank you higher for your desired keywords, so the next time a potential clients enters “beautiful sunset photos” in the search engine, the chances are, he’ll end up on your site.

2. Share Their Expertise

Many photographers use their websites to produce all sorts of tips, tricks and hacks for their followers. Their web presence is solely dedicated to educating more inexperienced users on how to accomplish some of the easier and more difficult tasks in photography. Why? – Well, because they make money from ebooks and private lessons. Although they still use photography as their no.1 source for getting traffic and recognition, they don’t directly make money from their photos.

Apart from these guys, there are also many photographers who review equipment on their websites. Thanks to their efforts, more often than not, they get a chance to try out some of the more advanced equipment for free. They also get a lot of free gifts from famous brands, such as Canon or Nikon, to help them promote their products.

3. To Sell Their Work

Although most professionals from this industry still use iStock to sell their work, there are also many photographers out there who make money directly from their personal websites. Once you have successfully invested in promoting yourself as a real professional in your field, it is quite logical to assume that more and more people will enter your domain name in Search in order to catch up with your latest work and adventures. Knowing this, knowing that you now have a following of people who have already bought or are interested in buying your work, not just some random pretty photos they bump into on the web, the next logical step for your business is to make it possible for them to directly buy your pictures from you.

There are a lot of great independent photographer websites that make it possible for visitors to buy the artist’s work in just a couple of clicks. When creating such a site, it is highly advisable to introduce yourself as an artist in a way that will make your visitors recognize that you’re a true master of your craft. Next to this, it is also good to display your work on it, and give everyone who enters your address a clear look at your awards, testimonials and credentials. Basically, your goal here is to build a your own personal brand and image.


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